Sales 3.0 Conference Insights to Boost Sales Performance

Selling Power’s Sales 3.0 Conference offers insights, strategies and practical solutions to help B2B sales organizations remain competitive in a digital, tech-driven era.


If you were not able to attend, we have you covered with the 3 top insights from the conference:

1. Neutralize Your Inner Critic

In a sales 3.0 era where technology is transforming the selling environment, we must find a way to stay human. Gerhard Gschwandtner, founder of Selling Power magazine and Sales 3.0 Conference, highlighted the importance of mindset in achieving high performance. If our self-talk is negative, so will be our performance.

Out of the 60,000 thoughts that run through our minds each day, 80% of them are negative. This negativity prevents us from reaching our full potential in sales and in life. Gschwandtner offered the following tolls to neutralize our inner critic:

  • Identify the birth place of your inner critic
  • Replay the highlights of that scene
  • Question the validity of the story
  • Bring other people and their voices into the story
  • Activate the memories of your past champions

By creating a new narrative that is more representative of who you really are, you will be able to remove your self-limiting beliefs and become the best version of yourself.

2. Focus on Buyer Enablement

Buyer enablement is “the provision of information that supports the completion of critical buying activities.”

Scott Collins, Principal Executive Advisor at Gartner shared the results of their survey of over 750 B2B senior buyers. They wanted to better understand how digital is transforming the buying process.

As it turns out, only 17% of the B2B buying process is meeting potential suppliers. And because, on average, buying groups consider 3-4 suppliers, we only get 5-6% of the buyer’s time.

Further, most of the buyer’s time is spent researching independently online and offline. Gartner’s research shows that B2B buyers are using digital in the early, middle and late stages of the buying process. Just because in-person begins, doesn’t mean that digital ends.

Why? With bigger buying groups who are overwhelmed, and more stalled deals than ever before, buying is complex. The number one thing that customers are looking for is help. Sales organizations that make it easy for customers to buy are those that win.

Scott shared how sales organizations can do this – by creating a single, seamless view of your organization to your customers.

How? Provide information that helps customers buy. This information must be consistent across sales and marketing channels. It must also be accessible on digital platforms (easy to find on your website) and to your sales team.

Make sure that this information is:

  • Sharable
  • Targeted
  • Channel-agnostic
  • Consistent

Sales organizations that provide consistent information that helps customers buy are 2.8 times more likely to win the deal.

3. Drive Change That Sticks

We live in a world where the only thing that is constant is change. If we don’t adapt as sales organizations, we risk survival.

Janet Logan, Vice President of Sales at DoubleDigit Sales shared examples of industry leaders who have experienced creating “sticky” change firsthand. Five key lessons emerged from her presentation:

1. Establish a sense of urgency.

Whether it’s the changing competitive landscape or feedback from customers, share facts and data to highlight the pressing need to change.

2. Identify who will become the champions of change.

Establish the group of individuals who will champion the change and the early adopters who will create momentum.

3. Create and communicate a clear vision and strategy.

Communicate throughout the change process. Clarify why there is urgency to change and what it means for your team and customers.

4. Prepare and support throughout the change process.

Give your teams the confidence and competence to support the change and remove any obstacles along the way.

5. Leverage your leadership team.

Leaders must model the new behavior, create accountability and provide support and tools to ensure change is sustained.

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