How to Motivate Your Sales Team Without Money

It’s no secret that salespeople are motivated by money. That’s why sales compensation plans typically have incentives and commissions in the overall package. However, money isn’t the only thing salespeople are motivated by. Below, we’ve compiled 3 tried and true techniques on how to motivate your sales team without money:

Leverage Your Sales Managers

Salespeople look to their managers to help them be successful. They are therefore at the heart of motivating your sales team.

Recent Gallup Research highlights that only 21% of employees feel they’re managed in a motivating way. This alarming statistic points to the importance of moving from traditional performance management practices to constant performance development.

This new approach focuses on having an ongoing performance dialogue that is personalized to the unique needs and talents of each salesperson on your team. In Gallup’s words “to master this new approach, managers must take ownership of their employees’ development and think of themselves in a new way: as a coach, not a boss.”

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1.  Invest in The Power of Sales Coaching

Invest your time, that is. As a manager, providing frequent and ongoing coaching and feedback, will help your salespeople understand where they are doing well and how they can improve. Continuous learning and development promotes engagement and leads to strong retention by increasing your salesperson’s confidence and competence in their role.

You can also be thoughtful in how you manage and coach your salespeople. From sending them to a conference or event of their interest, to sharing a podcast or book that would help them professionally or personally can also be motivating.


2.  Remember to Recognize and Reward

Creating a culture of recognition and reward in your organization can make a big impact. Something we do at DoubleDigit Sales to keep this top of mind is called Top Game. It’s a code of conduct that allows everyone in our organization to acknowledge and celebrate when a team member demonstrates our values and to highlight when someone has done something well. Top Game stands for:

  • Trust and Generosity
  • One Team Unity
  • Proactive Support
  • Go Direct
  • Accountability
  • Measured Feedback
  • Engage, Courageous Conversations

Everyone at DoubleDigit Sales has a virtual template with Top Game listed down the side and space to enter a team member’s name and a comment. We then select a monthly winner to acknowledge, recognize and reward this person with a small prize (such as coffee and lunch gift cards).

3.  Elevate Your Sales Team Meetings

There are various ways to motivate your sales team without money during sales team meetings. In your Monday morning meeting for example, share your sales dashboard that highlights numbers by salesperson. Ask your team to speak to something they are feeling good about and an area they need to focus on. This creates natural social pressure amongst the team, and motivates them to improve their results.

As a manager, a simple shout out to one of your salespeople for doing something right costs nothing yet is worth a fortune. This can be done over email, in a handwritten card or better yet, when the rest of the team is present. Recognizing a salesperson for their performance or using them as an example amongst the sales team is a great way to let that salesperson know they are valued and appreciated.

Another technique that works well is at the end of a team meeting, ask what is the one thing they are doing to reinforce a key value or behavior. This keeps your values, new skills and behaviors alive.

As you can see, there are various ways to motivate your sales team without money. In providing ongoing sales coaching, recognizing and rewarding your salespeople as well as adding additional value in your sales team meetings will help to keep your team engaged, motivated and ultimately retained.