Three Keys to Developing Sales Leaders

Our approach to developing sales leaders involves three critical dimensions:

The first is attitude. Many sales leaders focus solely on results and attaining quota. That’s absolutely important but it’s not nearly enough. We help sales leaders focus more on developing sales capabilities - looking at what the key leading indicators or activities sales people need to focus on in order to generate those results.

The second is skills. High-performing salespeople demonstrate great skills like questioning, listening, and handling objections. Sales leaders must demonstrate those same skills with their salespeople. Engaging their salespeople through great dialogue, listening, questioning, being able to handle difficult situations, and being able to facilitate effective feedback. Skills are really important for sales leaders, and we spend quite a bit of time practicing these skills with them.

The third is process. Sales leaders must demonstrate excellence in a few key areas around process. Key examples include:

  • Engaging team meetings. We really believe that weekly meetings offer the right cadence for sales teams
  • World-class, monthly, sit down, one-on-one conversations with salespeople
  • Weekly pipeline review conversations focusing on those key tactics and opportunities
  • Finally, work in the field through observational coaching

If sales leaders are demonstrating the right attitude, exhibiting the right kind of skills, and are engaging and focusing on the right activities, they’ll be high-performing.