We've Rebranded! Fusion Learning Inc. is Now DoubleDigit Sales

Fusion Learning Inc. was founded 17 years ago to take sales force effectiveness to the next level. As we’ve grown to become a leading sales and sales management training company, we’re still evolving to stay close to our clients’ needs of driving improved sales results.

To better represent our brand, our values, our unique market position, and most importantly, our promise to our clients, we’ve renamed our company to DoubleDigit Sales

What kind of sales increases can we help drive with our clients? Double digit. How do we do it? Through sales training that is uniquely simple, immediately usable, and practically brilliant.

We’re still the same partners you know and love, but on the outside? DoubleDigit Sales is sporting a new look that is more aligned to what our sales training delivers.

Today, we are firmly established as one of the top 20 sales training firms in North America with a client roster of FP500 and Fortune 500 companies that make us proud to come to work every day.

We’re excited about the next 17 years. We hope you can join us on the ride.